FOCUS on the Children Online Orientation Program


childrenFOCUS on the Children Online Orientation Program

This program explores some of the dynamics of divorce, separation, co-parenting, and the challenge of raising children in different households.

All parties with new domestic relations cases in the Ingham County Circuit Court are ordered by the Chief Judge to complete this program.  The Friend of the Court will send you written notice by mail if you are required to participate in the program.  The Family Court Judge assigned to your case will be notified when you complete the program.

Due to health concerns regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the program has changed to an online format. To facilitate your participation in the online program, please complete each segment by clicking on the link below. You must complete the accompanying registration form and questionnaire.    

To receive credit for successfully completing the program, please

  1. Watch the Introduction Video by Chief Judge Richard J. Garcia (Click here for Introduction)
  2. Watch the Smile Video  (Click here for Smile video)
  3. Read the FOCUS on the Children presentation (Click here for the Presentation) 
  4. Complete the Registration Form and Questionnaire online by clicking the link at the end of the FOCUS program and click the “submit” button –or- complete the registration form and questionnaire that was included in your FOCUS on the Children Orientation packet and return the form to the FOC in the envelope provided.  Be sure to include your name and docket number. Mail to:

                                                                                                         Ingham County FOC
                                                                                                         ATTN:  Orientation Clerk
                                                                                                         P. O. Box 40097
                                                                                                         Lansing, MI 48901

If you have questions regarding the program, please call the Ingham County Friend of the Court at (517) 483-6103 and ask to speak to the Orientation Clerk.

We hope you enjoy the program and thank you for your participation.   

The Friend of the Court will send you written notice by mail of when you are to attend the FOCUS ON CHILDREN program. Attendance is mandatory for all parties, and notification is sent to the Family Court Judge to whom your case is assigned advising that you have attended the program.