Friend of the Court

Friend of the Court

ALERT Due to concerns regarding COVID-19 the Ingham County Friend of the Court is closed per Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2020-2 (Order Limiting Activities/Assemblages in Court Facilities) and shall remain closed until the close of business Monday April 13, 2020 or until further Order of the Court.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, FOCUS on the Children scheduled for April 8 and April 15, 2020 has been cancelled.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak Michigan State University has suspended the MSU Chance at Childhood Clinic supervised parenting time program and the MSU Self Help Clinic until further notice. Updates will be posted on the Ingham County Friend of the Court website and Facebook page.

ALERT: The FOC Independent Parenting Time Supervisor program has been suspended effective immediately due to operational reasons that have nothing to do with the supervisors themselves. If your parenting time is required to be supervised, please refer to your order to determine if other options for supervision are available, such as the MSU Chance at Childhood Supervised Parenting Time Program or mutually agreeing on a third party supervisor.

The Ingham County Friend of the Court is looking into other options for supervision services. We will continue to post such options on our website and Facebook page as they become available.


The Ingham County Friend of the Court (FOC) developed this website in year 2000 to bring you information about the Ingham County Circuit Court, Family Division, and specifically the operations of the Friend of the Court office. The Friend of the Court was created by statute to assist the Family Court in establishing, enforcing and modifying orders regarding:

  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Time
  • Domicile/Legal Residency
  • Child Support
  • Child Care Expenses
  • Uninsured Medical Expenses

Domestic disputes are often difficult and challenging for parties to resolve. However, the major focal point of judicial concern, as well as the concern of the Ingham County Friend of the Court, is the minor children of the parties involved in the dispute. Our goal is to help parties work together to serve the best interest of the children. The Friend of Court provides various services in an effort to reach this goal that includes providing Facilitative and Information Gathering Conferences, FOC Investigations regarding child custody, parenting time and child support, child support reviews, child support enforcement, medical enforcement, and enforcement regarding custody and parenting time related provisions in orders. The Ingham County Friend of Court can also refer cases to an outside agency for mediation services. When a dispute cannot be resolved between the parties, cases may need to be scheduled for hearing before a FOC Referee or the Judge assigned to the case.

The Friend of Court staff understands that you and your children may be going through a difficult time. We also understand that we may be dealing with sensitive issues involving you, your children, your family and your finances. If you are involved in a domestic dispute, the Judges of Ingham County have adopted procedures to insure full compliance with the law and help guarantee fairness to the parties involved.

We hope that you find this website to be helpful. If you believe that there is information on the website that needs to be updated or changed, please feel free to contact your caseworker.


Helen Walker
Deputy Court Administrator/FOC Director