Support FAQs

How do I get an order for support?

Do I need to have an attorney to get an order for support?

Does the Friend of the Court and the Judge have to use the Child Support Formula or the Friend of the Court recommendations when setting support orders?

If I have been paying my child support and the custodial parent is not allowing parenting time, do I have to keep paying support?

The non-custodial parent is not paying support. What can I do?

The payer of support is self-employed and not making his or her support payments. What can the Friend of the Court do?

My court order states that I am to pay support through the MiSDU. Can I pay the support to the custodial parent directly?

If child support has been ordered by the court and either parent has a major increase or decrease in income, what can be done?

If I am receiving public assistance, do I still get child support?

Is the Friend of the Court responsible for making sure that child support money is being spent on the child?

If my parental rights are terminated, does my child support stop?